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Two Rooms and a Boom

Players: 8-30+
Time: 5 - 30 min
Interaction: Teams
Audience: Casual

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A party game of deduction and bluffing played across two rooms that works best with larger groups of people. Two Rooms and a Boom randomly splits players into two teams, one team is aligned with the President and the other team supports the Bomber. The goal of the President's team is to keep the President safe, while the goal of the Bomber's team is to blow up the President. Each player has a secret role on their team, and over a series of timed rounds players try to meet with the teammate whose role will help them fulfill their mission, while also keeping themselves secret from players on the other team. In the end, if the President is in the same room as the Bomber, the Bomber team wins, while if the President is in the opposite room from the Bomber, the President's team wins.

Designers: Alan Gerding, Sean McCoy

Tags: Deduction, Bluffing, Negotiation, Party Game, Special Abilities, Hidden Roles, Real-time, Asymmetrical, Traitor, Humor, RPG, Spies, Social, Survival, Voting