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Star Wars: Imperial Assault *PGL Bundle*

Players: 1-5
Time: 90 - 120 min
Interaction: Semi-Cooperative
Audience: Hardcore

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*PGL Bundle includes Twin Shadows, Heart of the Empire, Bespin Gambit, and Return to Hoth expansion*

This tactical combat game set in the Star Wars universe can be played either competitively or cooperatively with the use of a free companion app.

- Imperial Assault: Legends of the Alliance App - Apple App Store: Google Play: Mac or Windows on Steam:

Designers: Justin Kemppainen, Corey Konieczka, Jonathan Ying

Tags: Game System, Conflict, Sci-Fi, Star Wars, Miniatures, Movie/TV, 1 vs Many, Campaign, Dice, PGL Bundle, Asymmetrical, Exploration, RPG, Grid, Modular Board, Wargame, Narrative