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Lewis & Clark: The Expedition

Players: 1-5
Time: 120 - 180 min
Interaction: Competitive
Audience: Hardcore

2 of 4 Credits

Players each set out with their own expedition team and compete to finish the journey of Lewis and Clark. Along the way, they can recruit historical personalities from the Corps of Discovery who can help them travel through the various terrains across the continent and ultimately to the Pacific Ocean. The game uses several overlapping mechanics, including deck-building, worker placement, resource management, and racing that combine to form a heavy strategy experience.

This is an educational game and as such does refer to the disturbing parts of American history, such as slavery and colonial expansion.

Designers: Cedrick Chaboussit

Tags: Deck Building, Racing, Worker Placement, Drafting, Historical, Economic, Educational, North America, Engine Building, Nautical, Hand Management, Tableau Building, Wild West