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Android: Netrunner *PGL Bundle*

Players: 2
Time: 30 - 60 min
Interaction: Competitive
Audience: Hardcore

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*PGL Bundle includes everything 2 players need to build a variety of megacorporation and runner decks*

Play as a megacorporation out to fulfill agendas or as a runner trying to take down the corp. As a deck construction game, you choose which cards will be a part of your deck before playing the game itself, making it a surprise for the other player as they discover what your deck contains during gameplay. The corporate player is trying to complete their agendas and protect them from the runner, while the runner is trying to crack through those defenses and steal the corporate agendas. It's a back and forth game of bluffing and cat-and-mouse that perfectly evokes its cyberpunk sci-fi theme.

Designers: Richard Garfield, Lukas Litzsinger

Tags: Bluffing, Card Game, Sci-Fi, Deck Construction, Special Abilities, Action Points, Take That, Conflict, Diverse Characters, Asymmetrical, Game System, Hand Management, Racing, PGL Bundle, Colorblind-Friendly