Is delivery included in the price?

Yes indeed!  We’ll deliver your games and pick them up from you when you’re done, and that’s all included in the subscription price.

How do I return games?  Is there a late fee?

To return games you simply go to the site and click a button that indicates you are ready for a return.  We’ll then pick-up your games on the next scheduled delivery day.  If you’re also checking out new games, we’ll drop those off at the same time.

There are no late fees.  In the (hopefully rare) event that someone forgets that they’ve scheduled a return or we’re not able to pick-up their games for some other reason, we’ll figure out how to resolve that as it happens.  We’re intending to be as flexible as possible on these kinds of issues.

Do you have a pick-up and/or drop-off option?

We'll just be doing deliveries to start with, as that's more manageable for us.

Eventually though we’ll graduate to a real space where pick-up and drop-off will be totally doable.  Another option we’re exploring is to have exchange points at cafes, bookstores, etc, to help us extend our reach, so stay tuned on that.

Can I switch out games during the month?  How often can I get games?  How many games can I have at a time?

Yes, members can exchange their games up to twice per month.  We do deliveries every 1st and 3rd Thursdays, and you can swap any or all of the games you currently have for new ones.

Members have between 2 - 4 games checked out at once, depending on the mix of games.  For more detail check out our explanation of Credits.

I’m worried that I won’t have enough time to play games to justify a subscription, will you offer the option to rent a single game for a limited period of time, perhaps for a week?

The thing is board games can already be rented for about $10/week from Cloud Cap Games, Red Castle Games, and Portland Game Store, so they’ve got you covered if your looking for a short term rental option.

Our goal with the library is different.  We want to share a huge collection of games, which folks can explore at their own pace, whether that's quickly or slowly.

Having limited time is exactly why we provide longer term rentals.  Instead of being limited to a week, members will have as long as they want to try out the games they borrow from us.

Can the subscription be paused?

Yes.  You’ll only be charged for each month in which you have games checked out and haven’t scheduled them for return.  Once you’ve scheduled your games for return, you won’t be charged again, unless you check out more games.  So, it’s kind of an on-demand subscription that cycles on a monthly basis.

Will you offer an annual discounted subscription?

Not to start with, but possibly in the future when we know all of this is going to work.

If new games only cost $20, $25, $30… how is a $16/month subscription of value?  I could just buy games for about the same price.

The goal is for folks to have over $100 in value at a time, with the option to exchange those for new games up to 2 times a month, so you could potentially play over $200 worth of games in a month for only $16, and that includes us bringing them to your door!

Libraries have games for free.  Why should we pay to rent them from you?

We very much love our public library systems and have used them to borrow games a bunch.  If you are lucky enough to live by a branch that has a good collection of games that are readily available, then you probably don’t need our services.  Our experience with borrowing games from the public libraries, however, has left us wanting a better option.

We feel like there is ample room for a streamlined home delivery service built specifically around board games.

We're creating a service that we ourselves would pay for and we think other folks will find it valuable too.  It will include: bi-weekly turnaround, over 600 curated games, how-to-play videos, minimal wait times, an easy to use website, and a community of like-minded gamers to connect with.

How will you know if the games have all the pieces?  What happens when pieces are lost or games are damaged?

This was an early concern of ours as well.  Fortunately, there are shortcuts, like using a sensitive scale to check weights to see if anything is missing, as well as sorting the components in a way that makes them easy to review.  Every box will have a label that shows a count of all the pieces and we’ll also have labels on every bag of components, which will allow members to easily set-up and put-away the games, and make sure all the pieces are accounted for.  Returned games will only go back out to members once they’ve been confirmed as complete.

In the inevitable event that games comes back with missing or damaged pieces, we’ll have back up copies that can be used to replace components as needed.  Our goal will be to only charge members for missing pieces as a last resort; i.e. if we end up having to buy a new copy of the game.

How many copies of each game will you have?  Can we see how many are available?  How long will I have to wait to get the game(s) I want?

We'll have lots of copies of the popular games.  Our goal is for most members to be able to play the games they most want to play with minimal wait.  If we’re seeing that members are having to wait a long time for certain games, we’ll do our best to buy more copies of those ASAP.

The website will eventually show an indicator for which games are currently experiencing a longer wait time versus games that are readily available.  Again though, we’ll try and buy more copies of any games that are in especially high demand to keep the wait times reasonable.

Last but not least, we're going to have a very limited number of members, so that will help us manage wait-times as well.

Will your website have videos about the games or recommendations for games based on my preferences?

Yes!  That’s top of mind for us, as we’re all about making games more accessible for everyone.  We’ll eventually have suggestions, detailed descriptions, and how-to-play videos for every game, which will allow you to get a good sense of whether a game would be right for you and your playgroup.

Every game also has a robust set of tags, which makes finding similar games to the ones you like super easy.  We’ve played hundreds of games between the three of us, and we’re excited to help you find games that are a good fit.

Are you looking for Fantasy-themed co-ops for 5 people?  Perhaps easy-to-learn games from a certain designer?  Or maybe hardcore strategy with solo-mode?  Our website is intended to make exploring all of our games simple and intuitive.

Will you have expansions to games?

Yes, we’ve got lots of expansions!  Look for the PGL Bundles, which are games that come with one or more expansions.

Can we buy games from you?  If I like the game I have checked out, can I keep it by purchasing it?

Portland already has so many great game stores!  There are at least a dozen throughout the metro area, and we’re trying not to compete with them, so we won't be selling any games.  We see our service as an alternative to buying games or as a way to try-before-you-buy.  We hope our members will be more willing to try games by borrowing them from us, and then they’ll choose to buy the ones they really like from one of our awesome local stores.

Do you accept donated games?

Not currently.  We've run out of room to fit any more games!

Are you going to have a Forum, Discord, FB Group, or similar, where members can ask rules questions or coordinate meet-ups?

Definitely one of those things. We’re really excited about the community aspect of this and would love to facilitate easy meet-ups with fellow library members and for everyone to be able to connect with each other online. Stay tuned…

Will you have an associated game club or weekly game night?  How about a mini-convention with games being demoed and whatnot?

This would be super fun.  We’re in!  Nothing has been planned in detail yet, but we’d be thrilled to organize meet-ups and play games with all of you.  As previously mentioned, we won’t have our own play space at first, but once we do, we’ll definitely host play sessions and gaming events!