Introducing PGL Bundles

Introducing PGL Bundles

Our main goal at the Portland Game Library is to make gaming more accessible and fun, and one way we’re doing that is to offer game bundles that include our favorite expansions and add-ons. This allows you to experience the entire breadth of the game from the designer(s) and enjoy extras like metal coins and play mats that give the game a more satisfying tactile feel.

We’ll always include the base game in each bundle, and if you are new to a game, we recommend that you try just the base game first, then add in the expansions.

For a real world example, take the game Barenpark. Our PGL Bundle version includes the base game and the “Bad News Bears” expansion that introduces grizzly bears and a monorail to the game! So for new or casual gamers who rent the PGL Bundle we would recommend;

  • First, play through a game or two with just base game.

  • Then open the expansion and add grizzly bears!

  • Finally, add the monorails (unless you think that’s a Shelbyville kind of idea.)

Now that you’ve experienced the full breadth of what the game offers, you can decide for yourself which is your favorite way to play!

Your average introductory bear park.

Your average introductory bear park.

Another type of PGL Bundle will be for collectable game systems, such as Collectible Card Games (CCGs), Living Card Games (LCGs), and miniature games, which can be difficult to “try out” since the retail starter sets often don’t include a full game experience, and buying enough expansions to get there can cost an arm and a leg.

Here are some current and future PGL Bundles that are great examples of these types of games;

  • Arkham Horror: The Card Game

    • Our bundles include everything you need for 4 players to play through entire Cycle, including enough characters cards to explore the deck-building features of the game.

  • Star Wars: X-wing and Star Wars: Armada miniature games

    • Everything you need for two-player battles with tons of squadrons and/or capital ships from the Star Wars universe.

  • Star Wars: Destiny

    • A Intro Pack with pre-built hero and villain decks that you can mix and match in 2-player duels.

    • A Draft Pack that contains a large, but balanced pool of cards and dice, for a group of players to draft decks and host casual tournaments.

  • Magic: The Gathering

    • JumpStart Booster Box bundle, allowing you to mix any two sets of theme cards (Monkeys plus Dragons, Elves plus Tigers, etc.) and have an instant pre-built deck. Great way to learn Magic and have a fun night around the table with friends and family.


We’re excited to share these bundles with our members when we launch later this year!

Any ideas for bundles? Send us a note at, we’d love to hear from you.